Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of using a Freelancer


There is only me

When using a large Dynamics NAV partner, clients often experience many changes in which consultant works for them. They feel they have to start over every time. When using a freelancer there is only one consultant - me.


The commitment is very high. If I fail to deliver a quality, you as a client is willing to pay for, I don't get paid.


Since I don't have the same costs for office rent and administration, I am able to provide work at a lower hourly rate than most Dynamics NAV partners.


There is only me

I don't have a large team of colleagues to help me. This sets some limits regarding how large projects I can handle, and can affect delivery time.

Not a Complete Supplier

I know Dynamics NAV and some of the systems it integrates to. I don't know or supply servers, computers or network systems. I can only refer you to very competent business partners.